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Accelerate acquires the best ROAS and LTV users for your app.

Attract and engage quality users at scale with programmatic solutions that maximize growth, level up your creative strategy, and safeguard campaign performance.


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Direct gives you hands-on access to premium inventory.

Discover and engage high-quality audiences directly through our extensive ad network of publishers with exclusive access to premium ad placements.

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Influence authentically connects you with Gen Z audiences.

Tap into the creator economy with our leading influencer marketing platform.


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Creative Studio crafts ads that deliver high impact.

Drive better results with winning ad creatives backed by rich data sets, industry expertise, and the latest creative technology.


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Monetize maximizes earnings for your app.

Grow your revenue by matching global premium demand with a superior ad experience to your inventory, maximizing earnings for every impression.

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Intelligence empowers you to build better mobile games.

Build better mobile games with intelligence from the #1 trusted mobile game intelligence tool. GameRefinery uses enriched data from over 100,000 mobile games to help you develop smarter, boost revenue, and stay competitive.


Game Refinery

Vungle Exchange increases and secures your programmatic reach.

Get the programmatic reach needed to deliver premium ad experiences and engage high-quality users in their favorite mobile apps at exactly the right time.

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We create better experiences for mobile businesses and their users by building technologies that connect people with the products they love.

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