Introducing Scaled Metrics, a More Accurate Representation of iOS Performance Under ATT

By April Tam | October 8, 2021

Scaled Metrics for SKAN campaigns—an essential tool for understanding iOS performance—is now available for our customers through Liftoff’s reporting tools.

Liftoff has constantly strived to be at the forefront of helping advertisers through the industry-altering updates made by Apple through its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policies. This initiative is just one way to provide our customers with as much transparency and visibility into iOS reporting as possible. 

What is Scaled Metrics?

With ATT, Apple omits conversion values for some installs, which results in underreporting of actual A-events. Scaled metrics are A-events, but adjusted by applying the Install to Action (ITA) from SKAN installs with conversion value to all installs. 

What Is an Example of Scaled Metrics?


Let’s assume a SKAN campaign has a schema mapping where ConversionValue CV0 = install only (by default), and CV1 = install with purchase. 

If this campaign spends $240 for 24 installs and:

  • 5 installs came with CV1
  • 15 installs came with CV0
  • 4 installs came with a null (censored) CV

We would have the below KPI metrics:

Unscaled metrics

CPI$240 / 24 installs = $10 CPI
Received A-event Count5 installs w/ CV1 = 5 purchases
Received CPA$240 / 5 installs w/ CV1 = $48 CPA

Scaled Metrics

Scaled A-event Count(5 purchases / 20 installs_with_cv) * 24 = 6 scaled purchases
Scaled CPA$240 / 6 scaled purchases = $40 CPA

In our example, Scaled CPA is notably lower than the unscaled CPA. Scaled Metrics is therefore a better representation of true iOS performance under ATT. 

What Does This Mean for You?

With Scaled Metrics, our customers gain: 

  • A more accurate representation of overall performance.
  • Better understanding of how different channels report on metrics.
  • More options when evaluating performance against other channels that may apply similar methodologies.
  • Simpler campaign management with less nuance to factor in when looking at performance.

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