It’s Here! Liftoff’s Newest App Marketer Survey

By Ruoji Tang | January 8, 2024

After a spell of exponential growth spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile app marketing industry is projected to see more modest, sustainable growth in the next few years. But despite slowing overall growth, the industry is still far from predictable.

Last year brought game-changing innovations in ML and generative AI, and we’re only beginning to see their impact. As concerns over ID deprecation continued, classic measurement methods such as incrementality and media mix modeling made a comeback. At the same time, there was growing interest in alternative channels like CTV and out-of-home advertising. 

But what do mobile marketing pros think about these new and ongoing challenges and innovations in their industry? Our second annual app marketer survey provides some preliminary answers by gauging marketer perceptions about the outlook for mobile advertising as we enter 2024. 

Our survey covers campaign performance in 2023, expectations for ad spend in 2024, and the channels and ad tech innovations that are making a difference for them now. We compiled responses from marketers from top companies across different regions and app verticals.  

Whether you’re running a one-person mobile marketing operation or managing a team with millions in ad spend, Liftoff’s 2024 App Marketer Survey offers a rare, must-have snapshot of what your mobile marketing peers are thinking. 

For a detailed look, read the survey results.

Survey highlights include:

  • Marketer perceptions about overall performance in 2023, their KPIs, and their budget
  • The impact of MMM and what matters most when selecting a DSP
  • Perspectives on SKAN 4 and GAID changes

Read the survey in English or Chinese.