Episode 47: Breaking boundaries – How women can reshape the games industry with Zynga

This episode delves into the dynamic and diverse world of women in gaming. Karen Chen, Account Executive at Liftoff, and Paula Neves, Senior Product Manager at Zynga, join us to spotlight women’s challenges and discuss their unique perspectives on the industry.

Despite the proliferation of mobile games aimed at women, there remains a concern for more representation of women in various job roles within the gaming world. We will explore the reasons behind this disparity and examine how women gamers often find themselves confined to certain gaming genres, perpetuating limiting stereotypes. We will also tackle the pervasive issue of online harassment and its impact on the gaming experiences of women.

We also celebrate the strides made by the gaming industry to address these issues and promote inclusivity. Discover the emerging initiatives, programs, and opportunities to bridge the gender gap and create a more diverse and welcoming gaming landscape for everyone.

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