Discover and engage high-quality audiences directly through our extensive ad network of publishers with exclusive access to premium ad placements.

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Direct Advertising Access

Run successful CPI- and ROAS-optimized campaigns.

Liftoff Direct unlocks quality inventory so you can capitalize on the best ad placements and the highest-value users.

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Direct Advertising Access


Optimize your campaigns by pinpointing the publishers that send the most traffic to your apps.

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Direct Advertising Access

Detailed data on demand

Analyze granular campaign data from over 75,000 publishers.

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Direct Advertising Access

Minimize fraud

Drive real conversions from a closed community of publishers that removes bad actors before an ad is
ever served.

Advertising Autonomy

Execute your growth strategies with complete control.

Target the best source apps with the best bids for your app’s unique goals. Stay ahead of performance trends and manage your campaign with our self-serve dashboard (for managed accounts) and comprehensive campaign management APIs.

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Advertising Autonomy

Multi-goal optimization

Automated machine learning meets human expertise to build campaigns that save you time and optimize toward all your growth goals.

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Advertising Autonomy

Your campaign
data in one place

Track real-time KPIs, adjust your targeting, and connect better with your target audience using our self-serve advertising dashboard (for managed accounts). You can also plug into other business intelligence systems with our reporting API.

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Advertising Autonomy

Full control of your bidding strategy

Manage your bids with complete transparency and confidence. What you see is what you pay.

Exceptional Service

Advertise with a team you can trust.

Our expert team of account managers and analysts will help you interpret your data, assess ways to optimize campaign performance, and maximize your budget.

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Program Support

Smart recommendations

Gain access to our mobile marketing pros who tailor recommendations according to your specific
advertising needs.

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Program Support

Rich creatives

Achieve better performance and clear results with smooth, interactive ads. Our expert team designs and analyzes thousands of creatives to understand what’s driving conversions on your app and build high-performing ads.

Resources for marketers

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See how marketers are using Creative Studio to build and deliver mobile ads that speak to their users.

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