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Get the programmatic reach needed to deliver premium ad experiences and engage high-quality users in their favorite mobile apps at exactly the right time.

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Reach your target audience in their favorite apps.

The Vungle SDK is integrated with more than 150,000 apps and reaches over one billion users across more than 150 countries, ensuring the right ad delivery to the
right user.

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SDK footprint

The Vungle SDK is integrated directly with top publishers globally to give you access to a pool of over a billion users.

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Creative quality

Direct SDK integrations allow the Vungle Exchange to deliver the best creative ads to drive the best performance.

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Technical support

Dedicated technical support and engineering teams are available globally to ensure the success of our publishers and partners.

High-Value Users

Reach users in the apps they like best.

Take advantage of the Vungle SDK’s integration with top publishers’ apps to deliver ads and experiences that appeal to your users across all major formats.

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High-Value Users

Premium ad experience

We ensure your ads are shown in captivating formats and optimized for the in-app user experience.

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High-Value Users

Integration with top publishers

The Vungle SDK is integrated with 93% of the top global games across the Android, iOS, Amazon, and Windows platforms.

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High-Value Users

Network expansion

We constantly add quality publishers to our network to ensure you reach the audiences that matter.

Transparency and Trust

Run your campaigns safely in a fully transparent programmatic environment.

The Vungle Exchange uses a combination of in-house fraud prevention technology and third-party detection tools to limit fraudulent activity.

Compliance with IAB standards and the latest privacy changes ensures that advertisers and in-app users access a clean, brand-safe, and transparent exchange.

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Transparency and Trust

Open measurement SDK integration

Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and MOAT are some of the tools we use to enforce brand safety. We are also in partnership with DoubleVerify and The Media Trust for Ad Quality and Brand Safety.


Transparency and Trust

App-ads.txt and sellers.json support

Improving app-ads.txt adoption with our publishers increases supply transparency.

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Transparency and Trust


Vungle Exchange fully complies with COPPA, CCPA, GDPR, and the latest platform privacy policies to deliver the right ads to the right users.

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