Alessandra Miuccio – Glovo

On-demand apps have experienced unprecedented growth in the last year, addressing all-important consumer needs amid global lockdowns. As a rising number of apps look to capitalize on this trend, optimized campaigns play a vital role in not just grabbing consumers’ attention but driving repeat usage. In episode #426, our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Alessandra Miuccio, performance marketing lead at Glovo, one of the world’s fastest-growing delivery app startups. Alessandra, a Mobile Hero recognized for her expertise in acquiring users and understanding their habits, breaks down the ways Glovo leverages compelling creativity alongside machine learning to ensure they’re getting the most out of every resource in the marketer’s toolbox. From identifying the right formats and KPIs to best practices around A/B testing and Google’s UAC, this is an interview you won’t want to miss.