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Audience Engagement Insights for the Full Mobile Ecosystem

By Christie Crable | March 25, 2024

Competition for users’ time and attention has never been more fierce. Developers are hungry for actionable insights to help them get a leg up on their competitors. Liftoff now offers such insights exclusively to our customers across all mobile app verticals, including finance, e-commerce, dating, social, and more.

Powered by nearly 10 years of experience

When game intelligence platform GameRefinery joined Liftoff in 2021, its exclusive data elevated performance and retention for leading mobile gaming businesses. Today, Liftoff applies GameRefinery’s unique methodology to deliver audience motivations, feature implementation examples, monetization insights, and a robust LiveOps framework across all publisher types. No other platform in the industry offers this level of detail and insight.

Exclusive insights for mobile advertisers

Here are a few examples of the custom analyses Liftoff can provide:

  • Competitive intel – Dive deep into the competitive landscape, learn what competitors in your vertical are doing, and see how other apps compete for your core demographic’s time and attention.
  • Audience engagement mechanics – Learn how to engage and retain your audience by implementing features such as live events, achievement and incentives, streaks, and so much more.
  • User archetypes – Apply the core motivations of target users to inform key product and user acquisition decisions.
  • Monetization recommendations – Enhance subscription plans, explore promotion and loyalty programs, and examine rewarded ad placements.
  • Social engagement plans – Capture and retain users through referral systems, social events and tasks, and team events.

Interested in learning more?

To be the first to take advantage of our non-gaming insights, reach out to your Liftoff account team to see if you qualify for our early access program, or contact [email protected]. You can also catch us at MAU Las Vegas this April, where we’ll share more details about this offering.

As Head of Activations at GameRefinery, Christie Crable leverages GameRefinery’s comprehensive data to ensure Liftoff’s key partners stay ahead of trends, optimizing their mobile apps for maximum success in the competitive market.