Out now! 2023 Midcore Gaming Apps Report

By Ruoji Tang | June 27, 2023

The future of gaming looks bright—thanks in no small part to mobile. According to Insider Intelligence, while the number of console and desktop gamers is expected to stagnate over the next five years, the number of mobile gamers is expected to grow to 172.5 million. As the audience for mobile gaming grows, the market is also evolving. 

While casual games still dominate the field, easy growth is tapering, especially for hyper casual titles. Apple’s IDFA changes introduced new user acquisition challenges for mobile apps. Post-pandemic, many hyper casual gamers have also peeled off, and engaged gamers are gravitating toward titles with more depth. Game developers are looking less to volume and more to the steady streams of revenue a dedicated following can bring. 

It’s no surprise, then, that midcore games represent a growing share of the mobile gaming market—they now make up 35% of total mobile gaming revenue on iOS in the US. Midcore titles have higher barriers of entry, but they also have a more engaged audience and are more likely to have multiple monetization streams. Last year, GameRefinery released a report that explores the increasing popularity of midcore games. As top gaming IPs become top mobile titles, AAA game studios are taking note and making mobile a priority. We expect this trend to continue as the category gains more momentum. 

As the midcore market grows more competitive, game developers need to engage the right audience and seize on monetization opportunities that make an impact. Liftoff’s 2023 Midcore Gaming Apps Report makes it easier for midcore marketers and game developers to get the most from their apps. We break down the essential ad cost and ROI benchmarks. Our experts at GameRefinery also provide an overview of the top games in the midcore category and the year’s must-know gameplay and monetization trends.  

Report highlights include:

  • CPI by region, month, genre, and platform 
  • ROAS by region, month, genre, and platform
  • An overview of the top games in the midcore market 
  • Innovations in monetization and gameplay for midcore games

Read the report in English or Chinese.