Kate Varadinova – IQ Option

It’s a double-dose of actionable advice as we mark episode #400 of the series with a double-bill of accomplished marketers who share the short cuts they follow to drive impressive results. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Kate Varadinova, Head of Mobile Media Buying at IQ Option, an online trading platform allowing customers to trade in different instruments, including Forex, cryptocurrencies and options. Kate, a Mobile Hero recognized for her accomplishments, shares smart advice to help you design a post-install events map suitable for your product and sure to save your money on user acquisition. (She cut her costs by half and shares how you can do the same.) After the break, Fouad Saeidi, Founder & CEO of App Growth Network, a full-service app product marketing agency focused on optimization throughout the funnel from acquisition to retention, shares his insights around approaches that incentivize and monetize audience attention. Find out why rewarded advertising is the future of games monetization. And learn about adjoe, a company creating a virtuous circle for advertisers and publishers with an ad unit called Playtime that rewards players for the time they spend playing games, rather than just watching videos.