Singular Partner Program

Liftoff Joins Singular’s Certified Partner Program

By Morgan Friberg | August 1, 2019

Liftoff is pleased to announce that we are now a member of the Singular Certified Partner Program

Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that unifies campaign and attribution data from thousands of media sources to provide a single source of truth for granular ROI analysis. Their partners sit at the core of their technology, providing data excellence that drives intelligent insights for marketers to scale performance.

Singular holds their partners to the highest level of data integrity and the Certified Partner Program (CPP) is their commitment to the industry to set a standard for data integrity within the ecosystem. They have a high bar to be considered for the program, categorizing the strict requirements into three main categories:

  1. Data Excellence – Passing both aggregated campaign data and user-level attribution data at all defined levels of granularity
  2.  Data Governance – Passing all campaign analytics data via an API, have complied with GDPR, and have met a threshold of <10% fraud rates
  3. Service Commitment – Share a minimum designated list of mutual customers, training across relevant business teams on the Singular platform and a commitment to ongoing market development and account mapping efforts.

Learn more about Liftoff’s inclusion into Singlular’s Certified Partner Program.