For International Women’s Day, Leading Women in Mobile Share Their Advice

By Ruoji Tang | March 7, 2022

Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) and the second week of Women’s History Month. In mobile marketing, we see women innovate and break down barriers every day. IWD offers a special occasion to recognize their accomplishments and raise awareness about the challenges they face. 

This year for IWD, we asked 13 remarkable women in mobile about the lessons they’ve learned—and what advice they would offer women pursuing a career in the industry. Here’s what they had to say:

Caroline Schlünsen, App Marketing Channel Lead at ABOUT YOU

“Always follow your gut feeling, don’t be afraid when things get technical, and most importantly, don’t listen to people telling you that something is not your job. There are many situations that seem intimidating at first glance—but they’re significantly less so after you jump in. Once you understand that people aren’t just marketing products but also themselves, you will see how your contributions fit into the bigger picture.”

Learn more about Caroline here

Jade Worobec, Head of Performance Marketing at The Meet Group

“Adaptability is key in this industry. Everything is constantly evolving, so there are always opportunities to learn more. Not everything you try will work out, but learning from mistakes is how you grow. Also, don’t underestimate your own abilities! Imposter syndrome is real. You may think you don’t have all the skills for the job when you’re actually perfect for it.”

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Dariia Opanasiuk, Chief Marketing Officer at Impulse

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not be afraid of failure. 95% of your product and marketing hypotheses in mobile will be unsuccessful, and that’s ok. They help you find the other 5% that will drive revenue and bring professional success. To women in mobile, my advice is to plan your career and be focused. Become an expert in your specific domain, and don’t forget about your personal brand. Investing in your brand will help the hiring process and empower you to advance your career!”

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Mihoko Hamano, Growth Marketing & App Monetization at NHN comico

“Increase your career options by challenging yourself and gaining experience. Although not every company will be a good fit, you can find organizations in the mobile industry that evaluate employee performance accurately, without discriminating based on age, gender or nationality.”

Read more from Mihoko here, or join her at our upcoming webinar for women in mobile. 

Katarzyna Marques David, Product Marketing Manager at Huuuge Games

“I’ve found in my experience that closed doors do not mean that there are no other options. I’ve learned to focus on my goals and not give up. My advice to women in mobile would be to continue to ask questions. Don’t stop just because you didn’t get an answer—look elsewhere. Every answer you get—whatever it is—will help you grow.”

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Kate Duong, Senior User Acquisition Manager at Jambox Games

“When I first switched to mobile marketing, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t have much experience in this industry. I was having problems, but I waited a long time before I asked for help. I wished I had asked sooner. Not only did asking questions help me learn, but it also helped me build my relationship with my mentor. When you need it, ask for help—having a good mentor can transform your career regardless of which stage you’re in. As women working in tech in Asia, we sometimes encounter boundaries and obstacles because of our gender, and this can shake our confidence. But don’t be afraid to embrace the opportunities that come your way. There will definitely be some risks involved, but you’ll be glad you did!”

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Minako Yamamoto, Senior Manager at CyberZ

“I have been fortunate in my career not to face a lot of gender discrimination. The good thing about the mobile industry is that it’s relatively transparent. The companies, systems, and technologies encourage success across genders. My advice is to keep challenging yourself. Don’t set limits on what you can achieve in your career.”

Learn more about Minako here, or join her at our upcoming webinar for women in mobile. 

Riho Yoshida, Chief Diversity Officer at CyberZ

“As women, we sometimes face difficulties balancing life events and our careers. But I believe in taking on big challenges and putting in the effort. Investing in your career brings more options and more ways to achieve work-life balance. Many companies in the mobile industry do support women and can offer a lot of opportunities.”

Learn more about Riho here, or join her at our upcoming webinar for women in mobile. 

Johanna Vuorela, Product Director of Games at DREST 

“Women make up half of the mobile gaming audience. This represents a $90 billion opportunity! To create experiences that speak to a female audience, we need more women in a multitude of roles. The mobile space moves incredibly fast and we are constantly learning new things. You will never know everything about everything—or be 100% prepared. Just be confident in your experience and your ability to learn, and of course, tap into your network for insights when you need it. Last but not least, know your worth and pick a company that will truly appreciate it.”

Learn more about Johanna here.

Radostina Zhekova, User Acquisition Manager at Voodoo

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to speak up for myself. I learned that I have to make myself more visible. It’s not enough to assume that my work will speak for itself. My main advice is to be unapologetically yourself—focus on your strengths and try to develop them instead of focusing on what you need to change to fit in. Use assertive language, and learn how to communicate in a way that enhances your credibility. And if you can, find a woman mentor who can help you grow.”

Learn more about Radostina here.

Erika Michishita, Experienced Mobile Marketer 

“I have been working in mobile for over 10 years, and I haven’t felt a gender gap in this industry compared to others. It’s a place where exciting things are happening, and it’s attractive to both men and women. Every day, we see new innovations deliver unprecedented value for businesses. I’m enjoying being part of it!”

Read more from Erika here, or join her at our upcoming webinar for women in mobile. 

Haruka Meguro, App Monetization & Customer Satisfaction Manager at Ohte

“In mobile, there are many opportunities to challenge yourself and do something new. There isn’t the same gender gap in this industry as in other industries. Many companies also respect and support their employees. It’s a great place to see what you can do!”

Read more from Haruka here, or join her at our upcoming webinar for women in mobile. 

Marta Fogel, Performance Marketing Lead at Proton

“It’s an ever-changing industry, so it’s important to take initiative and create an environment where you and your team can thrive. Your colleagues are your partners—not your adversaries. Stay curious, ask questions, and most importantly, be receptive to the needs and motivations of your individual team members. Make it a habit to be genuinely thankful for their contributions.

“On larger projects, you’ll quickly realize that some colleagues advocate for building things from the ground up, others prefer to improve existing potential, while a few prefer to outsource heavy projects to save time and avoid potential hurdles. Learn who is advocating for which solution, and learn to understand their rationale. At the end of the day, the best products, services and businesses are delivered by teams that feel connected to each other and to a larger purpose.”

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