Our 50th Mobile Hero!

By Dennis Mink | June 11, 2018

Milestones! Who doesn’t love celebrating milestones. Like a college graduation, a 1 year work anniversary, or hitting that once seemingly impossible stretch target. Today at Liftoff we are celebrating a milestone of our own…our 50th Mobile Hero! Congrats Julia :)

In the spirit of celebrating our Heroes, here are notable fun facts for your reading pleasure:

  • Kevin Hsu, our first Mobile Hero, is one of the coolest cats in the industry. You wouldn’t know it though as Machine Zone keeps him from doing anything publicly.
  • Tim McCloud, now at Good & Co Labs, wins the award for goofiest hero with the best collection of sunglasses.
  • Nat Robinson, General Manager at MileIQ and Aussie at heart, is the man I would draft 1st onto my team.
  • Shamanth Rao, VP Growth at Fresh Planet, wins the award for coolest accent. Watch his video and hear for yourself.
  • Colette Nataf, who once worked for Nat Robinson at MileIQ, has since gone on to start her own company called Lightning IQ. Yes to women CEOs!
  • Sami Khan, former Head of Growth at Acorns, produced his own hit song. Ask him for the URL and give it a listen. It’s good!
  • James Peng, former Head of Mobile Acquisition at the Match Group, is the uber networker of app marketers.
  • Cole Mercer, Director of Digital Media at Symantec, has the best dance groove of any of the heroes.
  • Diana Kim, former rockstar at Ibotta, took a reverse path and moved to the agency / vendor side of the industry. But we love her nonetheless :)
  • Tim Ming, Director of Digital Marketing at American Well, wins the award for best look of surprise on his face when asked a question.
  • David Yi, UA Manager at AnchorFree, is the king of compliments after putting a few down.

  • Matt Widdoes, Director of Performance Marketing at King, is still waiting for Peggy Salz to interview him for a news story.
  • Winnie Wen, Director of User Acquisition at Jam City, is as straight and to the point as they come. Refreshing!
  • Haydon Young, UA Lead at Nickelodeon, is the person you want as your best man at your wedding.
  • Nick Quan, Performance Marketing Manager at Twitter, wins the award for most likeable marketer in the industry.
  • Marco and Faisal, our first duo Heroes at Delivery Hero, are the two marketers you want most at your party. Trust me on this. They’re unreal.
  • Annica Lin, Sr. Acquisition Manager at Stash, is our first hero to run a half marathon and give a Ted Talk on the same day! Yes, she’s that nuts.
  • Drew Frost, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sam’s Club, is our #1 favorite comic hero. Go Ice Man!
  • Kartick Narayan, VP Growth & Computational Marketing, has one of the smartest job title I’ve ever heard.
  • Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, Head of Global Growth at SmartNews, would be my first pick to lead a Mobile Heroes debate team.
  • Lomit Patel, VP of Growth at IMVU, wins the award for man with the best tan.
  • Mike Phu, Director of Growth at GOAT, has the best name to rhyme with (What’s new with Phu? How are you Mike Phu? Phu you!)

Congrats to our first 50 Mobile Heroes! More to come. If you know someone who should be nominated as a Mobile Hero, including yourself, let us know.