What’s in Your [Growth] Stack? David Yi, AnchorFree

By David Yi | August 7, 2018

Every mobile marketer uses a range of technologies and services to help them market their apps. We catch up with our Mobile Heroes to learn what’s in their mobile marketing growth stack.

What channels do you use for marketing your app?

In general, ads displayed during users’ mobile web experience work really well for us due to the nature of our products. People find our ads relevant to them during their web browsing experience which translates to this converting well for us.

Do you work with specific mobile app marketing partners?

Aside from mobile web traffic, we find great performance from Apple Search Ads and Google UAC. We are also getting into programmatic buying with partners such as Liftoff.

What mobile marketing automation (MMA) tools do you use?

We have some interesting tools built in-house to automate some campaign optimizations. We have also partnered with Kenshoo to help us with bigger media buying platforms.

What A/B testing tools do you use?

We use SplitMetrics to help with our ASO A/B testing. We also partner with App Annie to help us with our ASO efforts.

What analytics tools do you use?

We use Tableau for reporting and to power our BI system. Our organization has a big emphasis on user privacy so we’ve built a lot of our analytics tools in-house, using Tableau for visualization.

What mobile marketing conferences do you attend?

I’d recommend MAU because it’s probably the biggest and most relevant to mobile marketing. Any of the conferences that MMP’s throw catch my attention as well — Postback, Mobile Spree, etc.

Do you attend any events or meetups outside of conferences?

Branch often hosts mobile growth events that are interesting. I like their product and think they have a good offering. It’s interesting to hear how other brands use Branch because everyone has a different use case. Mobile attribution partners also host meetups, and again, it’s interesting to hear how other brands work together with Appsflyer, Adjust, Tune, Kochava and other partners.

What marketing websites, podcasts, books, social media channels, or other publications do you consume?

Some podcasts I enjoy are Freakonomics and Motley’s. I have a bunch of newsletters coming into my inbox, including the Liftoff Mobile Heroes email and Grow.co. I follow a couple of influencers like Tim Ferriss, Andrew Chen, and Malcolm Gladwell. I’m also subscribed to Ad Age, Adweek, TechCrunch and Mobile VentureBeat.

What’s in your growth stack? Let us know and we might feature you and your company on this very blog!

David Yi is the Director of User Acquisition at AnchorFree. He was previously the User Acquisition Manager at leading mobile game network Storm8, where his team managed global UA and monetization campaigns for their portfolio of 45+ games. Prior to pursuing a career in mobile marketing, David worked as a Financial Analyst. Learn more about David from his Mobile Hero profile