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Marketing Your Mobile App to Android Users

By Morgan Friberg | November 10, 2017

The slogan for Android by Google is “Be Together, Not the Same.” The clever catchphrase promotes unity and individuality in the same breath. But it’s more than a pithy statement. In fact, it just might be the perfect strategy to use to promote your Android app.

Liftoff knows potent mobile app marketing relies upon identifying and targeting the right kinds of users; folks that will download your app and interact with it. To accomplish this, marketers must go beyond bland ad campaigns and see potential users as individuals.

Here are a few tips for marketing your mobile app to Android users.

Audiences Vary Based on OS

One of the first things you need to understand is that Android users are different from iOS users. According to Medical Daily, Android users are more honest, humble, agreeable and open than iPhone fans. However, they are also less extroverted and not as focused on status.

What does this mean for you? If you’re trying to sell your app as part of a ritzy lifestyle to an Android customer, you might want to rethink your strategy. Delivering a more casual message will resonate with the Android audience.

Then again, Android users are 72 percent more likely to get into online dating, compared to 58 percent of iPhone users. Knowing this, you might want to change up your dating app marketing strategy when trying to woo an Android user.

Make It Personal

There are literally dozens of ways to promote your app. Some companies like to create websites for them to add legitimacy, and an online presence. Others prefer celebrity endorsements or promotions through social media influencers. These aren’t bad ideas, per se. But they do little to connect with users on an individual level. In response, many companies have resorted to dynamic ads to reach targeted Android audiences.

Dynamic ads work in much the same way as programmatic ads in that they are delivered automatically, rather than manually. But there’s more to it. Dynamic ads deliver highly-personalized marketing messages based on demographic information, user insights, screen size and OS, to name just a few.

This means your Android audience will see a different message than your iOS audience. They will also see an Android-looking download button they are used to and creative assets tailored to their behaviors and preferences. This will help increase downloads and post-install conversions, while also reducing design time.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

What is your ultimate goal? If you think mobile app marketing is just about driving downloads, you’re in for a rude awakening. Research shows 90 percent of all new users will ditch an app within 30 days. And, roughly 70 percent of users will open an app only once.

Bottom line; installs are a cheap KPI. Post-install actions are where the money is. Liftoff helps you target users who will make a profile within hours of downloading your dating app—or pay for premium in-game features on a recurring basis.

So, why doesn’t every app marketer use this service? Good question.

But why wait for the rest of the industry to catch on? You can benefit from the opportunity by visiting Liftoff today and grabbing your competitive advantage in the Android mobile app marketplace.