Liftoff Employee: Eqra

Liftoff Employee Spotlight: Eqra Zafarullah, Customer Success Coordinator

By Nadia Alaee | May 9, 2019

Eqra joined Liftoff in September 2018 as a Customer Success Coordinator. In her role, she focuses on Tier 1 customer support, onboarding new customers and team project support. Eqra enjoys the client facing aspect of her work and appreciates the people and warm culture. Her background in account management translates well in her role at Liftoff.

What drew you to Liftoff originally?

I was first drawn to the CS Coordinator role after doing research on Liftoff and checking out the website. I liked that the company appeared inclusive and the projects seemed interesting and advanced. As I was going through the interview process, I was impressed with how smooth the process was, from start to finish, and the internal recruiter was very attentive and made sure I was being taken care of. Liftoff also has really good Glassdoor reviews.

What is your favorite part about working at Liftoff?

Most definitely it’s the people I work with. Everyone is really helpful, even though they are busy. They always find time to answer any questions I have and are super friendly.

What advice would you give to all future new hires joining Liftoff?

Take advantage of the people who work around you. Everyone here has different levels of experience and can provide really valuable insights. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Figure out ways to help your team be more efficient and have the courage to change processes by communicating ideas with your managers.

Favorite event at Liftoff?

My favorite event is definitely the Liftoff Ski Trip! It was super fun. Not only was I able to spend time with the team outside of work, I was able to take my very first snowboarding lesson!

Use three words to describe yourself.

Bubbly, down to earth, coffee-lover.

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