It’s Here! Liftoff’s 2023 Holiday Guide for E-Commerce Apps

By Ruoji Tang | September 27, 2023

The 2023 holiday season is fast approaching. While the Covid-induced boom cycles of 2020 and 2021 are at an end, and worries linger about the macro environment, digital spending will continue to grow. According to Insider Intelligence, the long-term outlook for e-commerce is still bright, with total sales from digital channels set to increase by 11% YoY. According to a new Optimove consumer survey, consumers are more confident about their budgets this year, and 81% expect to spend the same or more during the season.  

As e-commerce apps look for aggressive gains between October and December, they will have to adjust their approach. Savvy app marketers know that competition for quality users starts long before sale days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Singles’ Day. As inflation and economic uncertainty persist into Q4, acquiring your users earlier is more important than ever. 50% of consumers expect to start their holiday shopping before November starts, and 93% are likely to revisit a brand or retailer after a positive experience. By engaging target users early and remarketing strategically during the season, e-commerce apps stand to win big in the coming months.

To help e-commerce marketers prepare, Liftoff’s 2023 Holiday Guide for E-Commerce Apps looks at the key seasonal cost trends and details ways to tap into them effectively. We break down seasonal changes in CPI and CPA across platforms and regions to help marketers find the best ROI for their ad spend in this crucial season. 

We are also aware that ad fatigue can set in as the season progresses, and interest may drop. To ensure high user engagement during key spending windows, app marketers must run campaigns with top-notch ad experiences to build sustained relationships with quality customers. To assist, the experts at Liftoff Creative Studio compiled six mobile ad creative best practices that will help integrate holiday campaigns into a winning, year-round e-commerce strategy. Read on to ensure your promotions stand out in a crowded field.  

For a detailed look, download the full guide.

Highlights include:

  • Seasonal CPI breakdowns by platform and region 
  • Seasonal CPA breakdowns by platform and region 
  • Best practices to integrate your holiday campaign into your evergreen ad strategy 
  • Must-know tips to help your e-commerce app stand out this holiday season