Out now! Our Guide to Scaling Mobile Apps Overseas

By Ruoji Tang | May 10, 2022

Apps everywhere should take the opportunity to scale globally. The number of app downloads around the world surpassed 230 billion in 2021, and more consumers than ever are prepared to spend on mobile. 

Although opportunities abound, there are still unique challenges to expanding overseas. Launching any app in a new market requires careful research, a launch strategy tailored to local needs, and often, strategic adjustments to the product. Marketers also need to contend with fierce competition and uncertainties in local markets.

To help app marketers reach new heights abroad, Liftoff created this step-by-step guide. We conducted interviews with four Mobile Heroes, each with extensive experience scaling internationally. They’ve worked in verticals including casual gaming, live-streaming, financial services and others. These experts share tips and best practices for identifying your target market, preparing your soft launch, localizing your product, and more.

For marketers looking to expand their apps in foreign markets, the insights that follow provide a primer for success.


Read the report in English, Chinese.

Report highlights include:

    • Top challenges to scaling your app abroad — and how to tackle them
    • How to identify new markets to maximize revenue
    • Insider tips for a successful soft launch
    • Best practices for localizing your app
    • How Liftoff + Vungle can help you succeed