2019 Japan Report

NEW! 2019 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report

By Meghna Narayan | October 23, 2019

Japan contains the perfect ingredients for a ripe mobile app market: highly motivated and engaged mobile users with a yearning to adopt the latest apps. Japan also consistently ranks among the “Big Spenders” of the App Economy, accounting for 15.4% of global app revenues in 2018. Ranked as the 4th richest country, the Japanese mobile market is a hotbed of activity for app marketers looking to acquire new users.

Download the 2019 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report by Liftoff and Adjust as a starting point to build your roadmap to achieve success in Japan’s exciting app economy. 


This report is offered in English, Chinese and Japanese.

The report draws from Liftoff and Adjust internal data from Aug 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019. It includes analysis of 177 apps, 16.4B campaign impressions with 206.5M clicks, 2.9M installs and 2.7M post-install events. 

This report provides data on user acquisition costs and conversion rates, as well as engagement rates by platform. We also examine the impact of seasonality on app engagement, and retention trends by sub category.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A review of CPIs reveals Gaming, Finance and Dating are categories where marketers might find a bargain. Alternatively, CPIs for Entertainment & Shopping apps are up 86% and 19.3% respectively compared to the previous year.
  • Deeper in the funnel, Dating, Entertainment and Shopping apps users are pricey to acquire, but conversion rates are promising. 
  • Double-digit retention rates for most apps (except Dating) from Day 1 through Day 30, indicate Japanese users are dedicated to their favorite apps and convinced of the value they offer. 
  • A breakdown of app session data over 30 days shows Gaming dominates time spent in apps. It’s a similar situation with Shopping apps, the category that comes in second place. 
  • Seasonality is a factor that impacts acquisition costs and cost-per-action. May, June and July stand out as stellar months when marketers can acquire highly engaged users at a reasonable cost.