NEW! 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index

By Morgan Friberg | October 24, 2017

Armed with analytics marketers can aim high, but without visibility into benchmarks they can still miss performance targets by a mile. With that in mind the 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index offers insights around the costs and conversion rates of mobile user acquisition campaigns across a broad range of app categories, to help marketers benchmark their app marketing performance and plan the year ahead.


Apps have become the new addiction, with users spending more time “in-app” than ever before. In the U.S. alone, mobile now represents almost 2 out of 3 digital media minutes. Overall, time spent on mobile outpaces time spent on the mobile Web by a ratio of 7:1. This, combined with the sheer volume of apps hitting app stores daily, places mobile marketers in the hot seat. The mobile marketing gauntlet has been thrown!

Mobile marketers require the most up-to-date data to make the quickest decisions possible since large budgets are on the line. For this reason, the 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index provides a wealth of information to help mobile marketers strategize and plan the year ahead.

The 2017 Index draws from Liftoff internal data from September 1, 2016 through August 30, 2017 which spans 120 billion ad impressions, 1.3 billion clicks and 41.7 million events across 30 million app installs. As the largest, most in-depth report we’ve produced, the Index covers:

  • Average CPIs, CPAs and conversion rates for App Installs, In-App Purchases, Purchases, Registrations, Reservations and Subscriptions
  • Data broken down by gender and operating systems
  • Important seasonal trends
  • Insights across six major app categories: Dating, Finance, Gaming, Shopping, Travel and Utility
  • Regional trends (North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC)

For an in-depth discussion on the Index, register for our 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index Webinar on October 31st. To cover the Index, we are joined by by Peggy Anne Salz, Chief Analyst and Founder at MobileGroove, mobile analyst, top 30 Mobile Marketing influencer, nine-time author and regular contributor to Forbes, Harvard Business Review and VentureBeat.