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Generate more conversions by
targeting in-app users

Grow your user base and brand by expanding into an untapped advertising channel. App-to-web capitalizes on Liftoff’s advertising expertise, ML tech, and proprietary data to optimize performance on mobile web conversions.

Advertising in a
mobile-first world

Mobile device usage accounts for over 60% of digital time spent, with nearly 90% of that being within apps. If you’re trying to grow your user base or brand, you need to meet your target audience where it’s at. In-app advertising is a highly effective marketing strategy for acquiring new digital users, even for companies without an app.

Grow your business with app-to-web

App-to-web is an effective advertising solution that benefits from Liftoff’s robust ML technology, access to proprietary data, and over a decade of industry expertise that turns in-app users into mobile web conversions.

Whether or not you have an app, with App-to-web campaigns you can tap into new, high-quality traffic you can’t find via search alone. In-app ad inventory and creatives offer a premium and compelling user experience that drives genuine engagement.

Grow your user base and brand

Hit your marketing performance goals by expanding into an untapped, high-quality advertising channel. Attract in-app traffic to your mobile web pages whether or not you have an app.

ML-optimized mobile web conversions

Maximize your mobile web performance by leveraging Liftoff’s ML tech, proprietary data, and advertising expertise.

Expand your purchase channels

Attract targeted in-app traffic to your mobile web pages. Achieve your growth goals by finding and acquiring new, engaged users.

Drive performance with a privacy-friendly strategy

Liftoff’s App-to-web tracking pixel lets you overcome Apple SKAN and Google Sandbox privacy restrictions while complying with the latest mobile web privacy policies, like ITP 2.3.

Get started with app-to-web

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