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How Liftoff Uses Creative Intelligence to Drive ROAS for Puzzle Game Marketers

By Liftoff | September 9, 2022

We combine experience, tech, and an expert eye to give you an edge over your competitors.

As the privacy policies of the major tech platforms continue to curtail access to user-level data, creative will play an even more critical role in mobile advertising. In this new era, the mobile game publishers that best understand how to unlock the power of ad creative will drive more users to their titles and gain the upper hand over their competitors.

While winning the creative war means marketers need to hone their artistic chops, there’s a new science to mobile ad creative that complements the art. This unified approach is called Creative Intelligence, and Liftoff’s mobile advertising experts use it to help puzzle game marketers maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS) by developing ad creative that speaks directly to the motivations that drive their target audience.

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What is Creative Intelligence, and how does it work?
AI-driven insight
Human creativity
How does Creative Intelligence drive ROAS for puzzle game marketers?
Tap into the power of Creative Intelligence today

What is Creative Intelligence, and how does it work?

Creative Intelligence is a hybrid approach to developing compelling ad creative without user-level data. This process uses a combination of AI-driven insight and human artistic ability to ensure that the ad creative used to promote mobile games is as appealing as it possibly can be to its specific target audience. Here’s how it works:

AI-driven insight

Creative intelligence uses a proprietary machine learning and AI technology known as VisualMind. It was trained using over 10,000 manual analyses to evaluate still images, videos, and mobile games, quantifying the underlying Motivational Drivers they contain.

VisualMind operates based on a framework of 12 fundamental Motivational Drivers that games use to entice their players to engage:

  • Collecting Treasure
  • Competing Against Others
  • Completing Milestones
  • Customization & Decoration
  • Discovering New Worlds
  • Excitement & Thrill
  • Improving Skills
  • Resource Optimization
  • Role-Playing & Emotions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Thinking & Solving
  • Working With Others

Every game has a unique Motivational Driver fingerprint. The first step of the Creative Intelligence process is to use VisualMind to understand what that is for a given game. The next step is to use the technology to determine the Motivational Driver fingerprint of the existing ad creative promoting that game.

Human creativity

Armed with these two analyses, mobile marketers can come to data-based determinations about the degree to which their ad creative appeals to the Motivational Drivers that have earned their game its audience.

If there’s a misalignment, the ad creative can be redesigned to better reflect those hidden motivations. Then, Creative Intelligence leverages the experience of Liftoff Creative Studio to come up with the needed adjustments.

Once the new creative has been developed, the marketers can once again consult VisualMind to see how well it reflects the game’s Motivational Drivers. If it’s correctly aligned, the new creative will be much more appealing to the game’s target audience — boosting campaign performance.

How does Creative Intelligence drive ROAS for puzzle game marketers?

Imagine you’re a mobile game developer called CleverPlayer, and you’ve developed a mobile match-3 game called Ultimate Connection. The original ad creative you used to advertise Ultimate Connection isn’t performing, so you turn to Liftoff’s Creative Intelligence process for help.

Using VisualMind, Liftoff analyzes over 700 discrete data points from Ultimate Connection and discovers that it scores high marks in the Motivational Drivers Thinking & Solving and Completing Milestones. Liftoff then performs a rigorous evaluation of the underperforming ad creative and finds that it does not score very high on either of these drivers.

Consequently, we help to develop ad creative for Ultimate Connection that puts these Motivational Drivers center stage. The Liftoff Creative Studio team — who’ve spent over a decade developing mobile ad creative — then builds creative aligned with Ultimate Connection’s Motivational Driver fingerprint.

Once the new creative is finished, they run an A/B test to see if the changes bear fruit, and, in almost every case, the motivationally optimized ad creative is more effective. This process can be repeated whenever necessary to maintain marketing KPIs.

CleverPlayer benefits from using Creative Intelligence in two very important ways:

  • Unique performance gains: Because the performance improvements were generated using Liftoff’s proprietary technology, they’re getting an edge their competitors won’t be able to match.
  • Protected tactics: Because VisualMind’s analysis is based on the game’s aesthetics — and not any user-level data — CleverPlayer won’t have to worry about future privacy policy shifts undercutting their performance.

In other words, Creative Intelligence offers CleverPlayer dependable performance in increasingly uncertain times.

Tap into the power of Creative Intelligence today

Mobile game marketing has always been difficult, but the user-data squeeze has made a challenging job feel closer to impossible. In this highly unpredictable period, it’s important for them to use as many tools as possible to make sure their puzzle games can rise above the noise.

Creative Intelligence is another arrow in your quiver that helps you keep your campaigns performing their best. Contact us today to learn how you can boost your ROAS with this innovative approach.