Dynamic Advertising for Mobile

Dynamic Advertising for Mobile: Best Practices

By Morgan Friberg | November 5, 2017

As a marketer, you have to admit that the adjective “dynamic” has a great ring to it. Right out of the gate, it already conjures up images of a new kind of ad mobile users just can’t ignore—a more compelling way to advertise your app to a mobile audience. These dynamic ads are both highly personalized and built programmatically based on real-time requests and assembly.

And the numbers don’t lie: dynamic advertising can deliver up to a 400 percent lift in post-install conversions! This means that dynamic ads do more than simply look nice on a mobile screen; they actually have the power to entice the right kinds of consumers to continually engage with your app.

Keep these best practices in mind as you’re developing your dynamic advertising strategy for your mobile apps.

Start with Specific Audience Segments

In order to target those most likely to engage with your app over time, you must build the right audience personas from the outset. Capturing data on demographics like gender, age and geographical location is a crucial start. But the more you can hone in on mobile user behaviors, preferences, and device usage habits, the more the resulting ads will resonate.

Utilizing a modern user acquisition platform allows marketers to delve deeper than their traditional target audience by engaging lookalike audiences. Simply put, these are “algorithmically-assembled groups… who resemble, in some way, another group of members.” If marketers can connect with consumers who look and behave like their proven user base, their engagement metrics climb.

Align Creative Execution with Overall Marketing Strategy

It’s an exciting time to be in marketing, with all the programmatic possibilities alleviating more outmoded methods of creating and serving ads. But don’t underestimate the power of your creative approach to mobile app marketing. It’s time to step back and think about your high-level goals here.

In a world where 23 percent of people launch an app only once, it’s important to think beyond the initial download. Design your ads for mobile users with the greatest likelihood of making post-install conversions. Only then will you reap the full benefits and ROI of today’s dynamic advertising possibilities.  

Aim for Simple, Eye-Catching Ad Designs

Mobile users are busier than ever, and there’s a lot of competition for precious onscreen real estate. Serving busy, overly customized ads actually detracts from your overall messaging. Filling in ad templates with programmatic, personalized content is a better way to appeal to mobile users without overwhelming them.

Don’t Forget About Relevant Remarketing Ads

One of the biggest benefits of so-called dynamic creative is that it helps marketers serve ads that are “a reflection of [users’] current interests.” Click-through and conversion rates increase when mobile users feel a personal connection with the ads they see on their screen.

Even in our new programmatic, dynamic ad landscape, savvy remarketing is still a proven re-engagement tactic. Tailor your ads to wherever your users left off inside your app’s funnel so they’ll return and take that next step.

With these dynamic advertising best practices, your team will be able to capture high-quality users for your mobile app. Learn more about what Liftoff can do for your mobile user acquisition today!