Incrementality Testing Shows 20% Event Uplift for Delivery Hero in LATAM 

Delivery Hero is a multinational online food ordering and food delivery company based in Berlin. They currently partner with over 50,000 restaurants and serve customers in over 70 countries. Delivery Hero relies on programmatic advertising to scale their app, and Liftoff is one of their top partners.

The Challenge: Scaling PedidosYa’s Broad Userbase

Recently, Delivery Hero looked to scale their app PedidosYa—a delivery app available in 15 countries in Latin America. PedidosYa offers deliveries for groceries, pharmaceuticals, and other items in addition to food delivery. Due to its capabilities, user acquisition for the app presented a unique challenge as it targets a broad range of users with different goals.

To scale their app, Delivery Hero relied on Liftoff’s programmatic DSP, Accelerate, to drive install uplift and higher conversion rates for first-purchase events, or real acquisitions.

The Solution: Driving Installs With Targeted Audiences

After seeing success with Android campaigns on Accelerate, Delivery Hero wanted to gauge the incremental impact of Accelerate’s UA campaigns. As data attribution became more limited in recent years, incrementality tests have become an insightful supplement to MMP attribution models for gauging the ROI generated by advertiser partners. 

The Results: Incremental Impact in Key Regions

To better understand the impact of Accelerate on PedidosYa, the Liftoff team ran a series of incrementality tests on Android and saw remarkable results: 

  • A UA campaign that targeted restaurant orders in Argentina drove a 23% install conversion rate uplift and a 22.6% event conversion rate lift for real acquisition.  
  • A campaign in the same market that targeted grocery deliveries saw a 17.5% install conversion rate uplift and a 14% event conversion rate lift for real acquisition. 
  • In Peru, a UA campaign saw a 26% install conversion rate uplift and a 14% event conversion rate lift for real acquisition. 

Impressed by the results from their longtime partner, Delivery Hero scaled their ad spend on Android in both markets by double digits.

“Liftoff has been a valuable programmatic partner for many years. With Liftoff, we’ve been able to scale our reach for PedidosYa and drive significant incremental uplift in acquisition rates.”

Maria Albu, Display & Programmatic Specialist at Delivery Hero

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