Meet the Heroes: What’s in Your Growth Stack?

By Tara Verma | June 28, 2018

Mobile Heroes’ marketing superpowers come not only from their minds, but also their resources! At MAU 2018 we took the chance to ask the heroes what they keep in their growth stacks.

James Peng lets us in on some of us his “many, many tools.” Learn how Matt Sadofsky @ Tilting Point and Shamanth Rao @ FreshPlanet both utilize in-house technology. Can you guess which tool Annica Lin @ Stash crowns as the best in her growth stack?

We’re lucky the Mobile Heroes have growth stacks like these to make our mobile world a better place, one app at a time. Meet all the Mobile Heroes and learn more about their growth stacks with our regular “What’s in your [growth] stack?” series: