Janice Gao – Big Fish Games

In the crowded, noisy, and increasingly automated world of mobile advertising, high-quality creative is more vital than ever. But breaking through the noise and differentiating one’s message is no simple task. It requires relentless experimentation, healthy collaboration, and constant monitoring to evaluate what’s resonating with users. In episode #418, our host, Peggy Anne Salz, catches up with Janice Gao, Manager of Growth at Big Fish Games. A Mobile Hero, Janice specializes in user acquisition for Big Fish’s extensive portfolio of popular desktop and mobile games, such as Cooking Craze, Fairway Solitaire, and EverMerge. Listen in for expert tips on fusing elegant design and critical thinking with data-driven insights, leveraging teamwork while operating remotely, and creating memorable consumer experiences that drive meaningful results. Come for the marketing insights, stay for Janice’s delicious iced cappuccino recipe.