Liftoff Influence propels NanoBit’s MyStory up the to charts, landing at #44 Free Game

Liftoff Influence propels NanoBit’s MyStory up the to charts, landing at #44 Free Game


For over 10 years, Nanobit has been a force in the mobile gaming space. Their game MyStory: Choose your own Path has been a big hit among Gen-Z and Millenial audiences. Through JetFuel, Nanobit was able to re-invigorate user acquisition for this title. During a weeklong campaign, MyStory jumped over 61 spots in the Apple’s Top Free charts, hitting #44 overall.

Giving Influencer Marketing A First Try

Nanobit was initially hesitant to try influencer marketing. They had looked into having YouTube or Twitch influencers review their games, but had heard mixed reviews of this from direct peers. While this may work well for mid-core games that can pay high CPI’s, they didn’t see the fit for their casual titles.

Where to start?

Nanobit was already seeing success marketing on social platforms like Instagram & Snapchat. So, they knew there was a lot of overlap between their target demographic and people who use these platforms. When they heard that they could access influencers on these platforms with CPI bids, they decided to give JetFuel a try.

“JetFuel helped Nanobit achieve scalable, consistent results through low cost CPI’s and solid user quality. They’ve helped propel our rise up the download charts, and turned into a partner we can really trust.”

Farhan Haq
Head of User Acquisition, Nanobit

Scaling with JetFuel

For new clients, JetFuel runs initial tests to determine an appropriate CPI. For Nanobit, the quoted CPIs were 3-5x lower than those from other platforms. Encouraged by the low cost, Nanobit opted for a network-wide campaign, opening the campaign to thousands of influencers. The lower CPIs led to higher returns, with a 101% Day 7 return on investment to date (well above their benchmark).

Topping the Charts

With influencer traffic, not all installs can be attributed to JetFuel. Some viewers go directly to the App Store instead of clicking the provided tracking link. As a result, clients often see a large spike in organic installs while running with JetFuel. This was true for Nanobit, who saw a 51% increase in week-over-week organic installs. This, combined with low-cost attributed installs from JetFuel, allowed Nanobit to rise 61 spots in the USA Top Free Games charts- from #105 to #44!

“Smaller and mid-sized developers, cannot always take the type of risks on huge upfront costs that triple-A studios can. JetFuel lets us bid on a CPI and track everything the same way we do with typical ad-networks. We know exactly what we’re getting for our money.”

Farhan Haq
Head of User Acquisition, Nanobit
Finding the Right Influencers

JetFuel gives clients access to performance data through integrations with Mobile Measurement Partners. This allowed Nanobit to analyze the users quality for each individual influencer. Using this data, Nanobit increased bids for influencers who generated the best returns. This enticed those influencers to continue promoting their offers.

For example, Nanobit found strong results from Fashion and Lifestyle influencers. Nanobit offered these influencers higher CPIs and encouraged them to post more frequently. This allowed Nanobit to achieve a consistent stream of high-quality installs.