Joom ROAS Reaches 1,500% with Liftoff Re-Engagement Campaign

Liftoff proved its efficacy with 160% incremental ROI

Retargeting Done RightJoom is a global e-commerce platform used by over 300 million customers. Joom connects vendors to shoppers directly, allowing users access to a wide variety of items.

Retargeting is a highly-effective e-commerce strategy, and Joom knows the clear benefits of re-engaging customers. Retargeting campaigns can effectively nudge users to complete an abandoned purchase or advertise contextually relevant deals to generate revenue. But for marketers, it’s often finding the most effective channels that can prove challenging.

Joom and Liftoff developed a strong partnership over many years. Joom successfully scaled its user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns across many markets. Joom wanted to continue experimenting with Liftoff’s capabilities while seeking to understand the incremental lift we could generate.

Joom kicked off new Android-focused retargeting campaigns, all with a D7 ROAS target of 800% in three geos: Russia, France and Spain. That means that for every dollar Joom spent on media, they wanted to generate an $8 return or better. To establish incremental lift, Liftoff also set up an incrementality test to track impact.

How Liftoff’s Product Feed Improved Retargeting CampaignsLiftoff has a product that proved perfect for this engagement: Product Feed. Customers leverage Liftoff’s Product Feed to re-engage users with personalized ads based on past behavior. By using postback data to understand the users browsing behavior inside Joom’s app, Liftoff can determine when a user viewed a product, added a product to a cart, or purchased it. Liftoff can use this data to decide which products would be most useful to display in an ad, then show them inside an idea to generate incremental sales.

Liftoff also utilizes built-up knowledge of the popularity of individual products to decide which products to display. This data can be split up by geo necessary to running a successful campaign.

Incrementality tests show customers whether Liftoff’s ads had an incremental benefit. Liftoff sets ads against a control group to see whether the former provided an uplift of re-engagement. The results delivered well above expectations.

Finding the right channel is so important to successful app marketing. With Liftoff’s combination of incredible tools, we can target the most receptive audiences with dynamic creatives. This alone made a real difference to our bottom line.Mikhail Biteryakov, Business Analyst

Liftoff Beat Joom’s Targets

Joom had set a goal of reaching a ROAS target of 800%. The campaign performed impressively. By combining our machine learning capabilities with Product Feed, we helped drive:

  • 800% D7 ROAS or better, effectively meeting campaign targets
  • 1500% D7 ROAS in Russia, the top-performing market
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Joom is a global e-commerce company that serves its customers via an immensely popular mobile shopping app. In order to grow, Joom’s mobile marketing team is always looking for innovative ways to up their monetization game. Joom wanted to find out if Liftoff could provide incremental lift while successfully retargeting users. By utilizing Liftoff for re-engagement, Joom’s return on ad spend reached 1500% for their campaigns, and Liftoff proved that its ads led to incremental impact.

  • Founded in 2016
  • HQ: Riga, Latvia
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