Retargeting Improvements For This E-Commerce Brand Led to a Week-on-Week D7 ROAS Increase of 25%

Learn how a massive shopping app increased its daily user count by 38%

A popular LATAM-based e-commerce app was finding that user acquisition (UA) campaigns it ran with Liftoff were not scaling as well as they could. Although they increased their spend, UA performance remained flat while user acquisition costs kept going up.

Reviewing the data, the e-commerce brand discovered that its retargeting campaigns were negatively impacting all their efforts with Liftoff by cannibalizing UA campaigns. New users acquired were being retargeted by third-party retargeting vendors immediately after install. Without a blackout window, users were given almost no time to make a purchase without being retargeted by another campaign from a different partner. This resulted in increased costs and degraded campaign performance.

How the brand untangled its campaignsTo tackle this problem, the brand’s marketing team had to find the source of friction. They used data collected by their MMP to analyze their full campaign spread. They could then identify the retargeting campaigns that were taking credit for the activity that interrupted Liftoff’s user flow.

Once the e-commerce brand identified the cause of its issue, they worked with Liftoff to establish new retargeting campaigns with blackout windows that gave users time to convert in-app before being reached again.

Campaign results

With the e-commerce brand re-engaging users with Liftoff and blackout windows in place, the brand’s marketing team saw ROAS performance improve quickly. In terms of results, the brand experienced:

  • An overall 25.45% increase in D7 ROAS (when compared to pre-campaign performance)
  • A 2x average increase of D30 ROAS throughout the campaign

The brand also grew its daily active users (DAU) by 38% and monthly active users (MAU) by 98% between Q2 and Q3. On Android alone, growth peaked more than 2x the original benchmark set during initial exploration. Looking ahead, the brand plans to increase ad spend with Liftoff as campaigns excel in performance.