Liftoff Helps Bigo Live Reach Over 30% D2 Retention Rates

Bigo Live’s Install Rate Increased 71% In Six Months

Bigo Live, a Singapore-based company, is one of the fastest-growing live-streaming communities where users can broadcast their life moments, watch 24/7 live shows and make friends from all over the world. With around 400 million users in over 150 countries, Bigo Live is a market leader in the live-streaming industry. 

To expand its influence, Bigo Live was looking for a programmatic partner that could further enhance its user acquisition (UA) efforts. Their main objective was to acquire highly-retaining users. Bigo Live worked with Liftoff to test our capabilities. We set up test campaigns in different markets, including the US, with a target D2 retention rate of 30%.

Liftoff’s Solution

To ensure Liftoff hit the 30% D2 target, the account management team optimized Bigo Live’s campaigns to ensure any CPI fluctuations post-ATT were under control. To help maintain and improve retention, Liftoff implemented ongoing tests in different geos by experimenting with optimizations on post-install events.

Liftoff’s ‘better together’ solution allowed Bigo Live to make the most of UA with re-engagement. While most of Bigo Live’s spend went on user acquisition, a third of the total budget was dedicated to re-engagement. This budget split ensured a good flow of new users into the app, and it gave Liftoff the ability to re-engage users more effectively and bring them back to the app.

Bigo Live also used Liftoff’s creative team to test and improve ad creatives. In one test, Liftoff improved installs 23% by including a text CTA overlay, and featuring three different content creators instead of just one.


Powered by these strategies, Bigo Live’s results have been strong. In the US alone, Bigo Live achieved:

  • An impressive retention rate peaking at 30.57%.
  • +30% D2 retention rate for over four months.
  • 2x increase in UA spend in four months.

Bigo Live has now expanded its cooperation with Liftoff into over 15 new markets, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In several markets, similar results have been replicated as in the US, and Liftoff has become one of Bigo Live’s best performing channels.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is dedicated to connecting the world and enabling everyone to share beautiful moments. With a vision to be a content platform that inspires one billion people’s lives, Bigo Live aims to empower a new generation of users with an exciting new social language where they can showcase, discover and stay connected in a positive and creative online environment.

  • Founded in 2014
  • HQ: Singapore
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