Bermuda’s ROAS Increased 32% Worldwide in a Single Quarter

The social video app struck gold with retargeting campaigns netting 413% more purchases versus UA

Bermuda, a Korean-based social-video chat app that lets users build friendships across the globe, was experiencing a noticeable amount of churn from users who had made a purchase in the app. It’s no secret that users who make in-app purchases are the most valuable, but they tend to churn. Bermuda’s marketing team wanted to increase the retention of this cohort by re-engaging them. These lapsed users were ripe for continued activity; all they needed was a nudge in the right direction.

To reach their lapsed audience effectively, Bermuda wanted to try out Liftoff’s retargeting capabilities on their Android user base. The Bermuda marketing team set a target for the campaign: D7 ROAS between 100-150%.

Liftoff’s SolutionTo achieve Bermuda’s goal, Liftoff did four things:

  1. Liftoff’s customer-success team bundled together 20 of Bermuda’s top-performing countries to satisfy our minimum audience size requirement on two global campaigns. Our team also proactively managed each campaign by removing high-spending but low-performing countries from the set to ensure steady performance.
  2. To set up retargeting, Liftoff utilized existing postbacks from Bermuda’s user acquisition (UA) campaigns to target all paying users.
  3. The campaign ran on a Cost Per Revenue—Re-engagement model (known as CPR-RE). This is effective for Liftoff customers who focus on ROAS, optimizing bids for revenue.
  4. Liftoff’s creative team tested ads throughout the campaign to ensure only the best were being used. In one test, Liftoff added a simple animation of an install bar filling up, resulting in a +117% performance lift over another banner ad.

These factors combined led to Bermuda scoring impressive results.


Bermuda continues to run campaigns with Liftoff, underscoring the success of the campaign. Since December 2020, following the exploration phase, Liftoff has achieved:

  • ROAS increases of 7% and 32% month-on-month for each respective campaign.
  • Retargeting campaign with 413% more in-app purchases versus Bermuda’s UA campaigns.
  • 56% higher D7 ROAS for retargeting campaigns versus UA campaigns.
  • Running retargeting campaigns increased reinstall rates of users who uninstalled the app by 35%, which helped overall DAU improve.

Bermuda is delighted with Liftoff’s CPR-RE model, based on the overall 7D ROAS performances and re-install rates. Now, Bermuda is beginning to expand retargeting campaigns to audiences who haven’t made an in-app purchase so they can raise conversion rates through re-engagement.

Bermuda logo

Bermuda connects people to random friends around the world with a single swipe. People can use the app to meet new people, talk about life, culture, and make new friends from the other side of the earth.

  • Founded in 2016
  • HQ: Seoul, South Korea