Manga-Style Gaming Ads Produced by Vungle Creative Labs Increases Ad Engagements on Manga Bang!

Founded in 2009 by Ryosuke Sakuma, Amazia has become one of the largest manga app developers in Japan. Their hit app Manga Bang! is well-known for its rich collection of manga content that appeals to a wide range of age groups as well as its great user experience.

The Challenge

How can non-gaming publishers improve ad experience by showing gaming ads? Vungle and Amazia wanted to solve this question to expand the monetization potential of Manga Bang! regardless of genre.

The Solution

Mobile game advertisers want to grow their audiences in Japan—a country known for its game-friendly culture and quality mobile users. Vungle Creative Labs served relevant, localized manga-style creatives that catered to the Manga Bang!’s user base. In addition, the creatives from Vungle Creative Labs didn’t disrupt user attention, leading to increased ad engagement.

Tokyo-based creative experts Naoka Watanabe, APAC Lead of Vungle Creative Labs, and Kaori Takahashi, Creative Designer, led the project to success. They said, “Ads have the greatest effect when they draw attention from audiences and provide the information they want. We focused on producing seamless creatives that can understand Amazia’s users, publisher app genre, and unique Japanese cultures for positive user experiences. One of the core competencies of Vungle Creative Labs is to produce ads suitable for the publisher app to maximize monetization.”


The combination of Vungle Creative Labs’s unique creative technologies including Dynamic Localization, data-based optimization, and ideas from a talented local creative team in Japan resulted in success for Amazia. Furthermore, well-made creatives that understand users and publisher apps proved that they can be matched well, not limited to genres.

“It’s been great to see Vungle’s Japan team work with us to grow our revenues and improve the overall ad experience by introducing these localized creatives. We look forward to seeing what else the team has planned for this genre.”

Shota Sato
Monetization Manager, Amazia