How Vungle Helps Apps Like TikTok Drive Consistent Global Growth

By Vungle | January 11, 2022

Engaging with valuable new audiences is the No. 1 priority for mobile app marketers. Here’s how Vungle helps big name brands like TikTok achieve that goal.

For mobile app advertisers, converting new audiences into engaged users is the No. 1 goal. For most mobile developers, who typically specialize in making great games and apps, the missing ingredient is a dedicated partner that can help them leverage the power of optimized mobile creative as well as the targeting capabilities of contemporary ad tech.

That’s why companies like TikTok, Murka, and Pic Stitch turn to Vungle to help achieve their growth goals. Here are just a few examples of how Vungle works with mobile marketers to drive global growth.

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TikTok increases Installs Per Mille (IPM) by 95% with Vungle Playable+ ad format
Murka doubles ad conversion rate through Vungle partnership
Pic Stitch increases conversion by 759% with Vungle placement

TikTok increases Installs Per Mille (IPM) by 95% with Vungle Playable+ ad format

Move over Facebook: TikTok is taking over the social media scene. As one of the most popular social video platforms in the world, TikTok boasts 500 million global monthly users. And since many of those users are millennials with ever-growing purchasing power in the modern market, advertising impressions on TikTok are an increasingly valuable resource.

TikTok approached Vungle with the goal of acquiring high-quality users at a lower cost per install (CPI) than other in-app advertising networks. The experts at Vungle Creative Labs determined that Playable+, an ad format that combines high-quality video, a playable element, and a call to action, could deliver the results they needed at a lower cost than what they were accustomed to paying. Vungle Creative Labs worked closely with TikTok’s in-house team to follow the company’s airtight branding policies while refreshing old creative and engaging new audiences at rapid speed.

The short shelf life of TikTok’s ad creative required a lot of manual attention before the team partnered with Vungle. By creating templates, Vungle Creative Labs was able to cut down on manual work, optimize campaigns at scale, and follow TikTok’s creative guidelines to the letter, all at once. Vungle and TikTok also conducted regular creative workshops to stay in sync as creative requirements evolved and guaranteed content that was fresh, engaging, and on-brand. How did this collaborative partnership pan out? The result was an impressive 95% increase in installs per mille (IPM).

Murka doubles ad conversion rate through Vungle partnership

Murka is considered a high roller in the social casino game space. Hit games like Scatter Slots, Infinity Slots, and Slots Era have earned the company five million monthly active users across 190 countries. When Murka expanded their portfolio to include new platforms like in 2017, the team wanted the ability to successfully scale their paid user acquisition operations with a focus on the high-retaining users known to make a huge volume of in-app purchases. By extending an existing partnership with Vungle and leveraging their leading mobile ad platform, Murka was able to do just that.

Vungle Creative Labs developed an end-to-end creative strategy that included a variety of ad formats, including playables and interactive end cards. The team executed extensive A/B testing to track each ad’s performance and determine which combinations of ad creative and end cards performed best. Paired with a defined bidding strategy, those high-performing ad campaigns were ensured to reach highly engaged Windows users.

The results of Murka’s ad campaigns blew expectations out of the water. The placements earned double the ROAS of past campaigns, and triple the ROAS of Android campaigns. Improved retention rates and a higher return on investment demonstrate that the campaign successfully reached valuable users. And the powerful ad creative developed by Vungle Creative Labs led to a 2X increase in ad conversion rate.

“Vungle was the complete package we needed to grow our games on the Windows platform,” said Alina Perova, Murka’s UA Team Lead.

Pic Stitch increases conversion by 759% with Vungle placement

Pic Stitch is a collage making app that gives users a toolbox packed with over 300 pre-designed layouts, over 20 filters, more than 10 border designs, and robust photo and video editing capabilities. Through their partnership with Vungle, Pic Stitch discovered that more ads aren’t necessarily better when it comes to conversion rates, downloads, or revenue.

The strategists at Vungle determined that a more targeted approach would be more effective, and after narrowing the number of apps included in the scope of targeting, the campaign’s results proved that theory. Vungle’s creative placement led to incredible advertising success, including a 759% increase in conversions and a 200% increase in revenue.

Vungle understands that when it comes down to it, performance is what counts for mobile game and app advertisers. By leveraging the Vungle mobile ad platform, tapping the expert minds at Vungle Creative Labs, and leaning on a robust team of strategists and account managers, our advertising partners can achieve incredible results where it matters: conversion rate.