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Product News: New and Improved Dashboard, Creative Metrics & Reporting API

By Andry Supian | May 30, 2019

The Liftoff product team has been hard at work improving the Liftoff analytics dashboard and developing new features to give you greater transparency over your campaigns. In addition to a fresh new interface, creative performance metrics are now available, as well as a customer-favorite Reporting API.

Upgraded look and feel

The Liftoff dashboard is restyled to maximize readability while keeping the placement of key pieces of information & features consistent. The upgraded dashboard UI is more intuitive, flexible, & fresh. With a complete new color scheme and layout, you can more quickly access campaign performance data that matters most.

Liftoff dashboard
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Creative Performance Metrics

The Creative Dashboard now displays performance metrics, summarized by ad type as well as individual creatives, to make discovery of ad-creative insights even easier. Intuitive drop-down filters by campaign, ad size, and date makes it simple to hone in on the performance metrics you want to understand better. Drill down into ad specific metrics for complete transparency over what performs best with your target audience.

Creative Dashboard Metrics
Creative Dashboard Natives Metrics

Reporting API

You asked, and we listened. The Liftoff Reporting API offers automated access to campaign reports with groupings and metrics of your choice. Gaining programmatic access for deeper analysis means you now have the autonomy to specify the desired groupings, cohorts, granularities and data pull frequency, without having to contact Liftoff.

Discover insights on campaign performance by analyzing funnel metrics: impressions, clicks, installs and in-app events across different groupings (e.g. country, publisher app, ad format, creatives, etc). Perform cohort analysis through the API by specifying the look-back window relative to the install.

Instructions on how to use the Reporting API are available here.

Reporting API

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