Make Mobile Engagement Easy with Personalized Deep Links

By Trace Ronning | January 21, 2016

Driving conversions and keeping users engaged are the top priorities and challenges for mobile app marketers. Re-engagement campaigns are great for getting users back inside your app, but just getting them to app home screen isn’t enough to increase mobile revenue.

To really generate post-install activity, re-engagement campaigns should utilize deep links that bypass the app home screen and link directly to a specific screen deep inside of an app. This feature makes it more likely that users will complete revenue-driving actions because it eliminates the friction between clickthrough and conversion.

For example, if you serve a retargeting ad featuring a deal on tickets to an upcoming Giants baseball game, you can link directly to the seat selection screen in your app with deep links. Without deep links, the user would click on the ad, land on your home screen, search for Giants, locate the game promoted in the ad, and finally make their seat selection. That’s three extra steps that a simple deep link does away with.

Deep links improve both in-app conversion rates and user experience, especially when they’re personalized. Last year, Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation platform, saw a 66% increase in conversions amongst their customers when using personalized deep links in re-engagement campaigns.

To build personalization into your re-engagement campaigns with deep links, you need to track user information and app activity.

If you market a concert ticketing app, you can segment users by artists they previously purchased concert tickets for. Using that customer data, you can run highly relevant re-engagement campaigns with dynamic retargeting ads and push notifications. For instance, users who are fans of Adele would be served ads and push notifications informing them of her recently announced show in their area, while other users will see similar ads and notifications featuring their favorite artists instead.

In either case, the ad or push notification deep links the user directly to the app’s seat selection screen for the respective concert, just a few taps away from making a purchase.

Personalized deep linking makes it easier for you to put your users in the best position to engage further with your app. At the same time, deep links improve the app experience, allowing users to quickly get what they want from your app, resulting in more conversions and increased mobile revenue.