Out now! 2020 Mobile App Trends Report

By Liftoff | November 19, 2020

The last 12 months we recount in this report will likely be remembered as the most disruptive and demanding in our modern times. But the outcome was an explosion of activity and interaction like no other as people everywhere on the planet relied more than ever on mobile and apps to access essential services and enrich their lives.

Liftoff’s latest 2020 Mobile App Trends Report combines Liftoff data with app market intelligence, user engagement and retention metrics across a variety of app categories and regions to provide marketers a more holistic view of key trends, triggers and outcomes. Our report also surveys app marketing experts to highlight the impact of unforeseen change (the spread of COVID-19 and the decision by Apple to effectively disable IDFA) on their business and budget allocation.


Read the report in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Report highlights include:

  • A snapshot of a shifting app economy
  • COVID-19 and IDFA survey analysis from over 200 app marketers
  • Exclusive user acquisition trends and seasonal changes
  • The major differences between iOS and Android
  • Key quotes from the industry’s best marketers