mobile app analytics

Optimizing Post Install Engagement

By Morgan Friberg | June 13, 2017

Creating your mobile app is just the first step. If you want it to be successful; you’re going to have to put some energy into keeping your users engaged. Fortunately, optimizing for post installment engagement with Liftoff can be readily accomplished with carefully considered mobile app analytics.

First Impressions Are Lasting Ones
Even if you’ve created the most useful app ever devised, you’re going to have to make sure the user’s first experience provides everything they need to employ it successfully. In other words, present the value of the app quickly and right up front. A great way to accomplish this is with a tutorial programmed to appear upon first opening the app. You can cover all of the key features and reveal subtleties they might miss without specific direction. Additionally, your user interface should be simple and intuitive. The best apps require very little direction, as their operation is logical and immediately familiar. With that said, you also want to provide solutions for ready assistance if they get stuck.

Simplify the Onboarding Process
Imagine you’ve downloaded an app to accomplish a specific task. You’re seeing it for the first time and all you really want to do is solve the problem for which you installed the application in the first place. Now, imagine the function you need is buried behind screens asking for tons of personal information and you can’t use the app until you answer them all. How likely are you to delete it and look for a more thoughtfully designed application? Exactly. Make onboarding easy. Minimize required information fields, remember the key feature of the application and put it front and center. Don’t make your users work too hard to derive the benefit they’re seeking from you.

Track User Behaviors and Implement Improvements
With a good set of mobile app analytics, you can monitor the usage of the application and make certain determinations based upon the patterns revealed. A/B testing can be conducted to determine if one version of the application performs better for users than another. You can observe the actions of users as they interact with the application, and determine the best time to send notifications to get users back to your app. Ultimately, all of this data can be used to keep them engaged for longer periods of time.

Provide Selective Notifications and Information
In your zeal to connect, be careful to avoid overdoing it. Of course you want users to derive the maximum benefit from your app, but if you try to show them everything it does all at once, you could wind up creating a situation in which they’re paralyzed by too many choices. Give them ready access to FAQs, but let it be their choice to access them. This way, if they have questions they can find the answers easily—and when the need arises. In so doing, you’ll provide them the opportunity to settle in and use the application at their own pace. Similarly, minimize push notifications. Remember, your first goal is to make some aspect of using your app easy.

These efforts will optimize your app for post-install engagement and help you turn first time downloads into ongoing customers. After all, getting your app installed on a device is only be the first step. Your ultimate goal should be the ongoing monetization of your relationship with the user—by providing them with effective tools for their daily activities. Liftoff can get you started today.