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[Infographic] Mobile Marketing Trends Across Party Lines

By Morgan Friberg | November 2, 2016


The 2016 US presidential election has been fascinating to follow on many levels. We thought we’d add a level of our own by slicing and dicing mobile marketing data by red states and blue states. We were curious to learn if the same political party lines that divide the nation are also felt within the mobile marketing world. 


To find out, we looked at the entire month of September 2016 which provided over 900 million total impressions, 1.1 million app installs, and 5.2 million post-install events to examine across party lines. We broke out data by red and blue states and decided to share the most interesting trends leading up to the November 8th election as an infographic.

A few interesting data points that emerged from analyzing the data:

  • Across party lines, 57.5% of the nation engages with iOS, with Android at 42.2%
  • Blue state Vermont has an iOS engagement rate 3x more than Android
  • Swing states have 22% higher acquisition costs for subscription apps than non-swing states
  • Red states have a 6.4% less cost-per-registration rate than blue states

Don’t forget to get off your phone and vote!