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Liftoff Recognized as Top Performing Ad Channel in ‘The 2017 Singular ROI Index’

By Morgan Friberg | February 14, 2018

Singular’s ROI Index Ranks the Top Mobile Media Sources Utilizing the Industry’s Largest Data Set for Ad Spend and Revenue

Hot on the heels of ranking in the top 20 in Singular’s Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks List, Liftoff has scored again, ranking as a top performing ad channel in the Singular ROI Index, driving the highest quality ROI for mobile marketers on iOS and Android.

Singular, a unified SaaS marketing analytics solution connecting attribution data with campaign data in a single platform, has published its 2017 edition of the Singular ROI Index. The study ranks the top-performing mobile media sources on iOS and Android by 30-day ROI, leveraging the largest set of cost, revenue, and fraud data in the industry.

The Singular ROI Index takes $1 billion in revenue data from over 1,700 apps with 315M installs and combines this with advanced insights from Singular’s Fraud Index to evaluate over 1,200 mobile media sources.

Liftoff is pleased to rank in the top 15 across multiple categories. The Index identifies top ROI performers by gaming / non-gaming, region, and OS. Liftoff ranked in each of the following categories of the Index:

  • iOS – all verticals, all regions: 12th
  • Android Gaming – all regions: 15th
  • Android Non-Gaming – all regions: 8th
  • iOS Gaming – all regions: 11th
  • iOS Non-Gaming – all regions: 9th
  • iOS – all verticals, Americas: 10th
  • iOS – all verticals, EMEA: 15th
  • iOS – all verticals, APAC: 12th

The rankings account for three factors:

  1. Quality Factor​ (based on ROI or revenue divided by cost)
  2. Scale​ Factor​ (total ad spend)
  3. Fraud Factor​ (penalty based on the percentage of fraudulent installs driven by a media source)

Comparing Singular’s ROI Index 2016 to 2017, notable changes occurred. In terms of platform ROI, iOS held its lead for the Gaming category; however, Android made significant headway in closing the gap. To download the full Singular ROI Index, head over here.

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