FAQ on the Digital Services Act (DSA)

By Jessica Dibady | March 11, 2024

The Digital Services Act (DSA) represents a significant shift in the digital landscape in the European Union and the United Kingdom, especially within mobile advertising. Liftoff is making sure to continue delivering a high standard of service for our customers and keep building a safer and more transparent environment for the users. We support our publishers in complying with their DSA requirements with the help of a few new features we introduced. 

What is the Digital Services Act (DSA)?

  • DSA is a European Union (EU) regulation that took into effect on Feb 16th, 2024. 
  • It requires online platforms (by definition of Article 26 of DSA) to show source information about each ad to EU and UK users in real time.

What inventory is subject to DSA regulation?

  • EU and UK.

What is our stance on DSA for Liftoff Monetize?

  • We made changes to our platform to support our publishers in complying with their DSA requirements. We provide detailed Ad information for ads rendered to EU and UK users.

What does our DSA implementation look like?

  • Full compliance: An “Ad” symbol, clickable privacy icon that shows the user the information required by the DSA in real-time (advertiser name, targeting parameters, etc).
  • A user-friendly form on our Website that allows users to report illegal or inappropriate content in accordance with the DSA. On liftoff.io, it is located in two places – the Contact Us page and the footer together with other privacy-related content.

More information about the DSA is available on the European Commission’s website and the text of the DSA here. Liftoff is not able to provide you with legal advice. We recommend you consult a legal professional if you need advice on how to comply with any law, including the DSA.