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Dynamic Mobile Advertising: Fast & Furious

By Morgan Friberg | October 26, 2017

Mobile app marketers have a tough job. Not only is it their duty to cut through the crowded marketplace to promote their app, they are also tasked with keeping the users they find. This is especially difficult when you consider that nearly a quarter of mobile consumers delete an app after a single use.

To combat this issue, mobile app marketers are looking towards dynamic advertising solutions through platforms like Liftoff. Dynamic ads allow marketers to generate hundreds of high-performing personalized ads with very little human oversight. This means less work for more effective ads.

Think it’s too good to be true? Keep reading to see how to optimize dynamic advertising campaigns for the best outcomes.

A Better Way Is Here

So, what exactly is a dynamic ad? To put it simply, a dynamic ad combines the best of personalized mobile ads with the speed and functionality of programmatic advertising. Here’s an example:

Let’s say Kaushik is an iPhone user living in New York City. He is a big spender when it comes to modern home décor, which makes him the perfect target for your ecommerce app. His online habits match up well with current engaged users of your app—a sign he’s likely a valuable target lookalike to acquire.

A dynamic ad will help your brand reach this user using geographic and demographic information, along with data on OS and screen size. Then creative assets are automatically fit into an existing ad template. This can take any number of forms including native ads, live previews, banners, interstitials, etc. Basically, any format that matches IAB standards.

This all happens behind the scenes, of course. All that Kaushik sees is a highly personalized ad that includes a carousel of interesting products and an install button that matches his iOS-based expectations.

Emily, a female Android user more interested in clothing than home décor, will see a markedly different ad. Hers may include images of boots, jackets and watches; and an install button similar to the one used by the Play Store.

What’s the Action?

This strategy is extremely effective. Dynamic ads, on average, increase post-install conversion rates by 150 to 400 percent! That’s because mobile users simply respond better to personalized advertisements. If they see something that relates to them specifically, they are more likely to download your app, make a purchase, complete a profile or engage with your offerings.

Perhaps even more incredible is that dynamic advertising solutions, like the ones above, are easy to implement. Because the ads are assembled programmatically, there is no need to spend hours manually designing advertisements. Everything is personalized according to the user’s profile, in an instant.

The same goes for A/B testing. Since these promotions are machine-tested, the dynamic ads are optimized in real time. You simply cannot beat that with traditional mobile marketing models.

So, if you are ready to make your job easier as a mobile app marketer, you have got to explore dynamic ad solutions as soon as possible. It could be the edge you need to outpace your competition and find new users who are ready to engage with your app.

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