A Candid Chat With the Organizers of Women in Mobile

By Marydeana Nolan | April 21, 2022

The global mobile industry is growing rapidly. It can be a great place to work, but we want to see more women in senior leadership roles and a greater commitment to the professional success of women in this industry. Marydeana Nolan from Liftoff explains how the new Women in Mobile group is helping to achieve just that—and so much more. 

Q: What is the Women in Mobile group? 

The Women in Mobile group is a new community for women working in the global mobile industry. Led by Liftoff, the group provides a safe space for women in mobile to network, build relationships, share advice and support each other at any stage of their careers. 

Q: Why was the Women in Mobile group launched? 

The global mobile industry spans a diverse range of sectors, from video games and e-commerce platforms to app development and advertising. While there are plenty of initiatives and communities for women working in the wider fields of video games and tech, we believe more work can be done in the mobile industry. 

This is important. From lived experience and from conversations with others in the industry, we know that many women—especially if they’re new to the industry—might not know where to go for advice or who to speak to. An industry-wide pivot to working from home and the shift to virtual events have made accessing information, resources and general support from peers even more challenging. 

Liftoff created Women in Mobile to change that. We encourage women to share their advice and personal experiences to empower others, and we help them get the mentorship they need to succeed in their careers. 

Q: How can I get involved? 

Women in Mobile officially launches on Wednesday, April 27th at Tonight Josephine in Waterloo, London (UK). The event will feature a panel of inspiring speakers discussing their experiences navigating the workplace. We expect some open conversations about the challenges they’ve faced, and attendees will have a chance to network and socialize. 

This launch event is open to all women who wish to attend, but please make sure you RSVP on the event page so we know we can expect your arrival! 

Also, while we already have a fantastic line-up of six speakers confirmed for our launch, we’re always looking for women in mobile at any stage of their careers who would be interested in being panelists at future events or contributing to coaching sessions. 

Q: What can we expect from future events? 

One of the main reasons for launching Women in Mobile was to create a space where women can have candid conversations about important matters in a supportive environment—but we want these events to be fun as well as informative. 

We will cover everything from overcoming biases to navigating power structures, to negotiating higher salaries. But you can also expect future Women in Mobile events to involve group activities and days out, whether that’s boxing sessions to encourage physical empowerment or coaching sessions from leaders in their field. 

Q: How often will Women in Mobile groups gather and where will they be held? 

Future events will be held on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. Events will be organized around major calendar dates in the mobile industry as well as the availability of future panelists. 

The initial launch is in London, but as the group grows, we’ll be looking to expand the initiative into other regions. We’ll ensure that virtual events are also provided for international attendees. 

Q: I’m interested in contributing to future events – who should I contact? 

That’s great news! If you’re interested in getting involved, please drop me an email at: [email protected]. Include your name, company information, and why you’d be interested in contributing—and if there are any specific topics that you’d like to cover. 

To learn more or RSVP to the Women in Mobile Launch Party, check out the event page here