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NEW! 2020 Mobile Ad Creative Index

By Morgan Friberg | February 6, 2020

In-app advertising spend is set to reach $201 Billion by 2021. In the mobile marketing world, ad creative is the lever we can pull to gain greater performance and scale from our app marketing campaigns. Understanding which ad formats and creatives works best to acquire revenue-generating users is key to further delivering on your campaign goals.

Download the 2020 Mobile Ad Creative Index for an in-depth look into ad format performance trends and benchmarks.


Available in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, & Spanish.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Cost & conversion rates by ad formats (banner, interstitial, video & native)
  • Ad performance trends across operating systems and regions
  • Costs & conversion rates for six major app categories
  • Seasonal trends by ad format
  • Creative A/B testing tips by leading Mobile Heroes

Want even more? Join us for a candid conversation on mobile ad creative best practices with several leading app marketers. Register for our upcoming webinar on February 18th, “The Art and Science of Building a Performance Design Team.”