Dating Apps Report

NEW! 2018 Mobile Dating Apps Report

By Morgan Friberg | February 1, 2018

Whether users are looking for a flirt, a date, or a lifetime companion, just about everyone seems to have joined the dating apps party. But it’s not all good news. More apps and more users drives more competition, and puts more pressure on app marketers to be smarter about how they acquire, engage and retain large numbers of dating app users.

Download the 2018 Mobile Dating Apps Report for the latest data on user acquisition trends and benchmarks to better equip you to make data-informed decisions, ensuring your app attracts users in today’s quickly changing and highly competitive dating app market. 


The 2018 Mobile Dating Apps Report draws from Liftoff internal data from December 1, 2016 through Dec 1, 2017. The data spans nearly 12 billion ad impressions across 4.4 million dating app installs. Inside the report you will learn about the costs and engagement rates associated with marketing mobile dating apps, including:

  • Dating app cost and conversion rates: install, registration and subscription events
  • Break down of data by platform (iOS and Android)
  • User demographic (gender) trends
  • Regional trends (North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC)
  • Important seasonal trends

HeartsFor an in-depth discussion about marketing dating apps, watch our Dating Apps: Trends & Benchmarks Webinar. The event was hosted by Peggy Anne Salz, seasoned mobile analyst, with Marco Gerlach, dating app marketing expert, as a special panelist. 


If you are ready to let Liftoff help you achieve your dating app goals, let’s get started today!