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Digital advertisers are losing billions globally to fake installs, click spam, click injection, SDK spoofing and other types of ad fraud. Yet almost two-thirds of mobile marketers do not have a fraud prevention strategy.

Upwards of 38% of mobile inventory is fraudulent.

Up to 71% of mobile ad budgets are lost to fraud.

63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques.

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Filter out fraudulent bid requests before serving a single ad

Our platform processes three-quarters of a billion bid requests per week and excludes more than ten percent of bid requests on suspicion of fraud.

Proven fraud prevention strategies

We use six key technologies to filter out fraudulent traffic:

Fraud-free device database

Our database of over three billion verified fraud-free mobile devices guarantees we serve ads to real, quality users only.

Bid Blocker

Our bad bid request filter detects ten types of suspicious or fraudulent traffic.

Post-install optimization

We optimize campaigns for post-install engagement to weed out bad actors that fail to perform.

Dead Zones

Non-clickable dead zones are placed near the “close” buttons to prevent a user from accidentally clicking through an ad.

Click Signing

Collaborate with mobile measurement partners (MMPs) to secure tracking URLs to prevent URL editing and invalidate duplicate clicks.

CPA Optimization

Bots do not care about down-funnel events. Real users do. Optimizing for down-funnel outcomes automatically weeds out bots and bad actors.


Run successful mobile ad campaigns with
Bid Blocker

  • Bid Blocker, our mobile ad fraud detection technology, identifies and excludes ten different types of suspicious or fraudulent bid requests from ad exchanges:
    • Blank device ID
    • Too many publishers
    • Bid request rate too high
    • Spammy app types
    • Invalid device ID formatting
    • App store ID missing
    • App store ID invalid
    • Publisher blocklisted
    • Invalid IP address
    • Blocklisted IP address

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