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Generate more conversions by
targeting in-app users

App-to-web is a privacy-friendly advertising solution that drives in-app users to your mobile web pages. Acquire engaged new users, optimize mobile web performance, and build better brand campaigns with tailor-made machine learning models.

Advertising in a
mobile-first world

People spend almost 90% of their mobile time using apps. If you’re trying to grow your user base or brand, you need to meet your target audience where it’s at. In-app advertising is a highly effective marketing strategy for acquiring new in-app users, but driving users to apps can be limited by privacy restrictions and app store fees. App-to-web is a privacy-friendly advertising solution that leans into Liftoff Accelerate’s robust data and decade of in-app industry expertise to tap into new, high-quality traffic you can’t find on the web.

Grow your business with app-to-web

App-to-web uses in-app ad creatives that offer a premium and compelling visual experience to users who are more engaged and less fraudulent than web users. Combined with our advanced machine learning models and first-party tracking pixel, app-to-web campaigns turn in-app users into new growth for your business. Whether or not you have an app, app-to-web allows you to capitalize on high-intent app traffic and achieve your growth goals.

Drive performance with a privacy-friendly strategy

Acquire new users and avoid data ambiguity with app-to-web’s ITP 2.3- and SKAN-compliant tracking pixel.

Optimize your mobile web event conversions

Maximize your mobile web performance by optimizing for events. Our app-to-web campaigns use data-rich machine learning to deliver high-intent users and generate more conversions.

Grow your user base

Attract targeted app traffic to your mobile web pages. Achieve your growth goals by finding and acquiring new, engaged users.

Build better brand campaigns

Find users who stick. Increase brand awareness and engagement with a user experience designed to keep more eyes on your brand. 

Get started with app-to-web

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