Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index: Q1 2015


How much should you spend on a mobile user who engages with your app? We answer this question and more in the Q1 2015 Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index.

Some key findings:

  • Mobile advertisers spent an average $9.54 to acquire a new registered mobile user
  • Non-transactional events cost less on Android than iOS, including registering (42.2% less) and sharing content (24.2% less).
  • Of users who install a dating app, 52% of men create an account vs. 41% of women. Yet 31.6% more women pay for a dating app subscription than men.
  • Women installed a social app and shared content nearly 40% more than men,¬†and a lower cost per first-time share ($7.74 vs. $10.52).
  • Social apps convert 76.3% of all installs into registered users, followed by ecommerce apps (72.5%) and financial apps (43.8%).