State of iOS UA: Stats, Trends, and Strategies

State of iOS UA: Stats, Trends, and Strategies

We’re knee-deep in post-IDFA advertising, and already seeing massive shifts. As budget allocation and spending shifts and performance fluctuates, how do you adapt your UA and measurement strategies?

Watch on-demand as we discuss best practices for user acquisition in 2021.


  • Eran Friedman, CTO & Co-Founder @ Singular: LinkedIn
  • John Koetsier, Senior Contributor @ Forbes: LinkedIn
  • Shamanth Rao, CEO @ RocketshipHQ: Mobile Heroes Profile | LinkedIn
  • Ben Holmes, SVP Performance & Exchange @ AdColony: LinkedIn
  • Pedro Ponce de Leon, Director of Sales Engineering @ Liftoff: LinkedIn

What we covered:

  • The latest stats and data trends for 2021 UA
  • How to maximize SKAdNetwork insights
  • Winning UA strategies that marketers have tested
  • The UA latest trends like web-to-app, influencers and channel-mix