Designing Ads for TikTok

On-Demand Webinar

TikTok has taken off to become the hottest social media platform since Instagram, with over 800 million monthly users. And for brand and performance marketers, TikTok offers a valuable opportunity to engage with and acquire new audiences. To succeed, however, this requires designing immersive ads with an entirely new format.

Watch now to learn the ropes of TikTok ad design with Shamanth Rao, Founder & CEO of RocketShip HQ.

What we covered:

  • How to design TikTok ads that are immersive and authentic
  • Review examples of great performing ads, and underperforming ads
  • Identify the 3 must-have ingredients in every TikTok ad
  • A step-by-step walkthrough in building TikTok ad creative

If you missed Part 1, watch “Unlocking Mobile UA on TikTok” now.

Slides of the presentation are found here. Also, don’t forget to join our Slack community where we have a #tiktok channel.