Designing Ads for a Post-IDFA World

On-Demand Webinar, North America

How can mobile marketers drive results with ad creatives in a post-IDFA world? Find the sweet balance and learn how IDFA changes will shape targeting and re-engagement for ad designs. It’s a can’t-miss webinar discussing ad creatives, messaging and more.


What we covered:

  • Influence and impact of ad creatives on IDFA and non-IDFA users
  • Strategies to tackle re-engagement with non-personalized designs
  • Best practices in designing ads optimized for wide appeal
  • Messaging strategies to engage both new and existing users
  • Using ad placement as a guide to optimizing design and messaging
  • A/B tips and tricks to optimize ad creative performance

Watch the Designing Ads for a Post-IDFA World webinar in English for EMEA or in Portuguese for LATAM.